Tonerider Vintage 90 Soapbar Pickup Set with Cream Covers

Alnico II Magnets for great sustain.

Our Vintage 90 set uses Alnico II magnes for great sustain and unrivalled clarity. The Nickel-Silver baseplate and braided wire add to the vintage vibe of these great looking soapbars. RWRP allows for hum-cancelling operation with both pickups in parallel.

  • The all-round vintage-improved package - great sustain, smooth, powerful, with the brightness and tonal complexity of boutique handwound pickups.
  • Cream covers
  • DC Resistance: 8.0k (neck), 8.5k (bridge)
  • Inductance: 7.2H (neck), 7.7H (bridge)
  • Magnets: Alnico II

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