Tonerider Compressor Effects Pedal

Tonerider Compressor Effects Pedal Designed By Brad Ferguson.

Tonerider Compressor - A Tone Guide

From the tightest funk sounds to the smoothest legato lead lines, adding the Tonerider Compressor to your signal chain will SERIOUSLY enhance your tone. By dynamically adjusting the level of your guitar signal, this compact stompbox increases the volume of quiet notes while clamping down on loud pick-attack. It offers you more sustain, more "pop" and a more ear-friendly dynamic range without high levels of hiss and hum to spoil your tone! The sustain control allows you to accurately dial in the desired amount of compression: Low settings will subtly thicken your tone, the middle range dramatically increases sustain while maintaining pick attack, and turning it all the way up gives you maximum squish for super-tight chord work.

Players often find that compressors can roll off high-end sparkle, and mindful of this we have designed in a unique tone control which allows you to actually add highs back into the mix when you need them. Of course, if you're after that vintage compressor sound, you can turn the tone knob back to the left to cut highs as well.

Housed in our pedalboard-friendly compact, custom aluminium enclosure and with full true-bypass switching ("blue-switch inside") and a smooth rubber baseplate, the Tonerider compressor is the ultimate choice - if you need the squeeze, look no further!


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  • High-sustain setting allows for subtle "swell" effects

  • Active Tone control allows you to add or remove treble

  • Designed in conjuction with Brad Ferguson

  • Full "True-Bypass" operation

  • Rugged long-life Neutrik jacks

  • Low-noise 1% metal-film resistors used through

  • Power: 1 x 9v battery (allows 100 hours or more of operation!)

  • Takes industry standard negative-ground 9V jack

  • Dimensions: Width 66mm (2.60"); Length 121mm (4.76");  Height 55mm (2.17")

  • 1-year workmanship and defect guarantee

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