Lace Chrome DomesT Set

Lace Chrome Domes™ Set

The Chrome Domes have been praised for both their "sweet, rounded tones" and simultaneously described as sounding like "a Strat on steroids." This was accomplished by modifying a pickup already known for its bell-like tone and rich history, the original Gold Sensor.

We took the Gold, long a favorite of such artists as Eric Clapton, and "slammed and crammed" it with "hotter magnetic," and reverse wound the middle pickup, then wrapped the pickups in chrome-plated heavy brass.

We specifically upgraded it and id some very direct tweaking with the coil, so it gives a sweeter, more rounded tone, but with a lot more punch. This turbo-charging results in sweet highs that don't pierce and solid lows that don't boom and a lot of power. If there was ever a hot-rod vintage Lace Sensor, this is the one.

Position: neck, mid
  • Resistance: 6.0k
  • Peak frequency: 3600
  • Inductance: 2.6 henries

Position: bridge

  • Resistance: 13.4k
  • Peak frequency: 3150
  • Inductance: 6.1 henries

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