DIY Stratocaster Kit

Quality DIY Stratocaster Kit

Here at RH Factor Guitars it is our goal to help other guitar builders, whether a weekend hobbyists or "guitar makers to the stars" get the best parts at the best prices. For years I have been frustrated by the service and prices offered to the small builder.  Ordering parts from dozens of vendors is costly and takes valuable time - time that I would rather spend making guitars, my first love.   Even MORE frustrating is trying to ensure a great fit between necks, bodies, tuners, bridges and pickguards.  Different manufacturers use so many specifications, sometimes even small items like screws can talk weeks of frustration to find.  I knew there had to be a better way...." 

Are you frustrated with searching all over the web for the best parts?  Never fear, I've done it for you.  I have finished and built dozens of guitars with these parts that have sold to local musicians for over a thousand dollars!  Whether you are looking to build your own "dream" axe, or are a professional or semi-professional luthier let us take the hassle out of your parts search!  Shipping each of these parts from a dozen or so vendors would cost more than a hundred bucks in shipping costs alone!  I have save you that money already!

Born from this desire to get the BEST value parts in the business with the best fit, finish and tone, I am now very proud to offer the RH Factor S-type guitar kits to you.  I check every KIT, not just every part to ensure you get the best neck/body joint fit.  Ask any pro luthier and they will tell you this is the "soul of the instrument".

Kit Includes:

1 Mighty Mite 2 or 3 piece Swamp Ash body
  • Swamp ash is the ULTIMATE wood for a lightweight, resonant instrument.  With beautiful grain this wood is grown in the Southern US
  • H/S/H Configuration for maximum configuration
  • Weight is approx.3.8 to 4.8 pounds each

1 Mighty Mite maple or rosewood neck
  • 9.5 radius
  • medium/jumbo frets
1 Set of  Tonerider Strat Pickups (your Choice)
  • Pure Vintage Set - TRS1
    Designed for players who don't need more output, but seek the sought-after "vintage" strat sound. The perfect choice for Knopfler, Clapton or Gilmour tones
  • City Limits Set- TRS2
    The sought-after late 50s-style sound, with a rich, piano-like bass and thick, singing trebles. A hotter bridge makes this our most versatile set
  • Classic Blues Set - TRS3
    Thicker, hotter and spankier! Classic late 60s tones, voiced for a faster attack on single note lines. Now wound with grey Forbon flatwork for a true 60's look and feel!
  • Surfari Alnico III Set - TRS5
    Just like the original 1954 and 1955 strats, Surfari pickups are made with Alnico III magnets - offering nice sustain and a bright, warm, compressed attack.
1 Quality Electronics Kit
  • 3 CTS 250k Solid Split Shaft Pots
  • CRL 5 Way Switch
  • Orange Drop Cap (.022uF or .047uF)
  • Treble Bleed Kit
  • Switchcraft Jack
  • 2' ea of Vintage Black and White Cloth Wire
  • Upgrades Available (Vitamin Q Cap)
1 Set of Quality Mini Tuning Keys, Chrome, 6-in-line, With Screws, 15:1 or better
1 Pickguard Solid Color,  Pearl Pickguards  Extra.
1 Accessories Kit (knobs, switch tip, trem cover, pickup covers, string trees etc...)
1 Wilkinson Vintage Tremolo with full size steel block for added sustain.  This is one sweet tremolo.
1 Hardware Kit (Pickguard screws, neck plate and screws etc...)

Other Upgrades:Shielding kit, 

If  you want to customize your own kit, give us a call at 740-405-9509 or email to with your specifications.  We can design a kit specifically for you!
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